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Optimize, manage, and build better Asset Lifecycle Management with Fidelity

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Identify savings opportunities with Real Estate & Constructions Management

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What Fidelity offers for your business

Procurement Management

  • Aggregate, prioritize, and fulfill demands for both strategic projects and day-to-day activities
  • Reduce operational costs while improving response times for requests
  • Collaborate effectively between purchasing departments and other business units in the company

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Demand Management

  • Manage goods and service requests of business units and branches on a centralized platform
  • Empower your business units to control proactively their budgets with automated Budget Control in Request Form
  • Inform the business unit of its remaining budget and the potential effect of the request on the budget

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Construction Services Management

  • Extended functionality and automated workflows to manage construction projects such as branch openings, renovations, decorations, and alterations
  • Self Service Portal for construction and renewal demands by branches and business units. Requests are consolidated in related pools and automatically transferred to internal or external support units.
  • Compliance with maintenance plan and procedures, SLAs, and checklists for increased quality of services

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Budget & Performance Management

  • Manage budget pro-actively and monitor performance levels
  • Strengthen decision support mechanisms in your company
  • Automate the full budgeting lifecycle, including preparation of budgets for different business units through a top-down or bottom-up process

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